Meet the Team


Stuart Buckby

Managing Director

Stuart Buckby is the Managing Director of Buckby Contracting, he has been in the industry for over 30 years. He has an excellent group of networks from various sub-contractors, suppliers and consultants to facilitate the service that Buckby Contracting provides to clients. He owns and operates Buckby Contracting on all levels.

For enquiries on new business opportunities, please contact Stuart Buckby.


Leong Tan

General Manager

BE (Civil), MCivilE, MBA

Leong is the General Manager of Buckby Contracting. He looks after the daily office requirements of running Buckby Contracting. Should you have enquiries, Leong should be the first point of contact. These are not limited to but may include becoming a new supplier, sub-contractor or interested in adding us to your tender list, please contact Leong Tan. He will be able to provide you with a capabilities list and Leong will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Kapil Palagiri

Civil Manager

B.Tech. (Civil Engg), MCivilE

Kapil is a master degree qualified civil engineer from the University of Western Australia. He first joined the company as a junior estimator after completing his studies in 2010. He has since been promoted to civil manager in 2017 and is involved in ensuring the company meets stakeholder requires from the project side. His integrity and work ethic has been an integral part of Buckby Contracting. His knowledge and ability is used to question and train up the next generation of engineers.

His experience has grown from pricing as an underground focused civil contractor to now a wide variety of all types of civil construction. He has developed skills and experience in estimating, project management and overall cost management. He also provides reporting to management.

He is currently further enhancing his abilities by studying a Masters in Buinsess Administration. His desire to continue to develop and learn is recognised by Buckby Contracting as being fundamental to the values of the organisation. His day to day activities include check ups on projects and dealing with the project managers and engineers.


Trevor Nash

Project Manager

Trevor brings with him over 30 years of experience within the Civil Construction industry and Telecommunication industry. He first joined Buckby Contracting 5 years ago and has developed into a competent project manager for the company. His experience has provided great benefits for the company in terms of project and people management.

In the last 5 years, he has worked on over 50 projects as a project manager. His input and experience has resulted in the delivery of many successful projects for many clients, notably due to being able to foresee issues based on his extensive experience within the industry. His contacts and connections provide Buckby Contracting with an edge to complete projects on time and budget.

Currently he provides day to day management on a number of projects with the assistance of project engineers. His interests and commitment to the success of Buckby Contracting are focused around safety and ensuring deadlines are met.


Michelle Kho

Project Engineer

Michelle joined Buckby contracting in 2012 as an intern engineer to complete her engineering degree. She displayed passion in the civil land development industry and as a result, Buckby Contracting offered her a role in the company initially as a graduate civil engineer. Michelle holds a Masters in engineering management along with a bachelor in engineering (civil). Her qualifications have equipped her to provide Buckby Contracting with in house troubleshooting on systems and processes.

Michelle’s day to day duties, as a project engineer, involves contract administration and compliance with the company’s quality, safety and environmental. This means she will perform her role according to procedures and workflows of the company. She has been involved in many different sites providing her a very wide range of experience.

She currently aids the company through ensuring the workflows are enhanced and updated to meet the changes in the industry and organisation. The workflows provide automation and training for new engineers. It provides Buckby Contracting with an edge over its competitors by reducing the number of mistakes and cutting costs.


Thien Phan

Project Engineer

Thien joined Buckby Contracting in 2017, shortly after his graduation in 2016, as a civil graduate engineer due to the growing needs of the organisation. He enjoys the interaction involved in project and cost management of civil land development projects. He has a focus of sharing lessons between members in Buckby Contracting.

His day-to-day duties involve supporting established project managers in the capacity of a project engineer. He also provides estimating support to the estimator as required, resulting in on-going experience in submitting tenders and running jobs.

Thien is involved in knowledge management for Buckby Contracting. This involves Thien learning and providing wiki updates for the company on the internal website. The wiki records the procedures of the company and significant learnings from day-to-day activities. Knowledge of successful outcomes or significant issues are recorded and shared to other parts of the organisation through the wiki. As part of this objective, continuous learning to become competent in project and cost management in the land development industry is met.


Nicole Lo

Project Engineer

Nicole Completed her Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering at Curtin University in 2017. She joined Buckby Contracting shortly after her graduation as a graduate civil engineer.

Despite being relatively new to the industry, she has already been involved in numerous projects with Buckby Contracting. She was on site for one of the company’s largest projects, Tonkin Highway Industrial Estate. She provided guidance and monitoring on day-to-day performance, identification of asbestos and management assistance to the site supervisor. Since then, she has been actively estimating and has been the nominated project engineer on several other projects.

She has a strong interest in contract administration. This is building on her studies, as a passionate civil engineer, to allow her to one day fulfil higher roles.


Isaac Fung


Isaac completed his bachelor degree in Construction Management & Economics from Curtin University in 2014. He initially joined Buckby Contracting to do some work experience however displayed interest in land development. He began working under the estimator for a few months before being offered a full time role with Buckby Contracting as a Junior Estimator. He has been with the company ever since.

Isaac has been involved in all facets of estimating and is always continually improving the estimating systems for the organisation. He is involved with new supplier and sub-contractor negotiations, tender negotiations and feedback analysis for Buckby Management.

His current area of interest is involved with supply chain management. This is building on from his studies and allows him to be involved in active and efficient supply of materials or sub-contractors to the project team. His work ethic and ability to work autonomously for the organisation is well recognised and appreciated.