Completed Projects

Lot 9021 MacNaughton Crescent, Kinross

Client: Peet Consultant:   Tabec Scope of works: Earthworks (im...
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Bletchley Park, Southern River – Sewer Extensions

Location: Bletchley Park, Southern River

Client: Bletchley Park Unit Trust Consultant: Cossil & Webley Sc...
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Ladywell Street, Beckenham

Location: Ladywell Street, Beckenham

Client: Elberton Property Consultant:   Peritas Scope of works: ...
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Living Edge Stage 1, 1B & 3

Location: Woolcoot Road, Wellard

Client: Parcel Property Consultant: Pritchard Francis Scope of w...
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Baldivis Grove, Baldivis Stage 3C

Location: Baldivis Grove 3C & Car Park, Baldivis

Client: Fraser Consultant: JDSi Scope of works: Civil Works & C...
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Wellard Estate WWPS, Wellard

Location: Wellard Estate

Client: RJV Consultant: Tabec Scope of works: Type 40 Pump Stat...
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