Bletchley Park, Southern River – Sewer Extensions

Location: Bletchley Park, Southern River

Client: Bletchley Park Unit Trust
Consultant: Cossil & Webley
Scope of works: 450 GRP Sewer Extension
Value of works: $700,000


Description of works:
Buckby Contracting was pleased to return to Bletchley park to install the final 400 m of deep GRP sewer at Bletchley Park. Buckby Contracting completed the first two sections of this sewer in earlier years.
The site is a very challenging one due to a variety of ground conditions such as coffee rock, high ground water table and acidic soil conditions. Due to scheduling of works, it had to be completed with 6 weeks from award to meet financial obligation targets of the local authority. GRP had long lead times and some innovative changes to design removed the risks and allowed manufacturing of product before the pipe arrived. The project was completed on time with no issue and all stakeholders involved were pleased with the project completion.